MOCO believes that meaningful employment is a fundamental element of recovery

Vocational Services Overview

Our full-time employment specialist, Allen Bernier, provides services and removes barriers to assist MOCO residents in their vocational choices. The choices include exploring employment, education, benefit counseling, and volunteering opportunities. The services provided are chosen from information gathered through the motivational interviewing process which creates a unique profile. That profile identifies where assistance is needed and what path would best be suited. Using the ACT (Acceptance and commitment therapy) model our treatment team works together to assure each resident meets their goals. Barriers such as breaks in their career path, technology, and special accommodations are discussed and solutions found to meet their goals. Job development that supports the business and employee are a “win-win” and removes barriers to working in high stress environments.

Employment Services is used by multiple organizations because the benefits outweigh the monetary costs. A vocation fosters self-identity; builds self -esteem, confidence, independence, socialization, physical movement, better overall health, and community contacts. There is also the added benefit of boredom relief which can be debilitating and lead to harmful life choices. These factors lead to increased ability to reach goals and acquire independence.

Allen Bernier

Clean Sweep Janitorial Company

MOCO residents have periodically worked for Clean Sweep since it was first established in 1984. For some individuals, this was a first job. For more information please visit