Welcome to the Gary W. Mascher Training Center

The Training Center at MOCO provides training for the health and human service community, including MHRT 1 certification.

Other offerings include:

The Training Center (TC) at Motivational Services is located at 71 Hospital St., in Augusta. 

Our commitment to meeting your training needs does not stop in the classroom. Our experienced administrative staff and instructors are available to assist you in meeting licensing requirements and increasing service quality.


Competitive Prices – Online Registration – Facilities Conducive to Learning

  • 3000 sq. foot training facility
  • Complimentary coffee and spring water

We are your partner for success. Contact Donna Wilson at dwilson@mocomaine.com to discover how the Training Center at Motivational Services can make a difference for you!


  • Must successfully complete all course requirements.
  • Pre-registration is required.


Registrations must be made by faxing a registration form to us at 207-623-3130.
To register by mail, complete the registration form and send it with a check made payable to Motivational Services, Inc., to:

PO BOX 229
AUGUSTA, ME 04332-0229.


Cost of the trainings is non-refundable unless we are given a two working day notice for cancellations. You may cancel by emailing The Training Center


It is the policy of Motivational Services, Inc. to provide a safe and secure environment for its employees, clients and guests. For this reason, the possession of firearms or other dangerous weapons* is strictly prohibited on our premises.

*Dangerous Weapons: Firearm or any device designed as a weapon and capable of producing death or serious bodily injury, as defined under Maine Criminal Code Title 17-A, Sec.2, Par.9c.


A few reminders of what to do (and NOT to do) in the case of inclement weather on a day you are scheduled for training here at the Training Center.

1.)   I suggest being prepared ahead of time –  sign up for text or email alerts from one of the two television stations that we post our closings on**: 
Wcsh 6 Text Alerts (under the list of WCSH PRIVATE Schools) Wmtw 8 text and email alerts

  • Look for Training Center at MOCO

2.)  Day of class information:
Decisions regarding a canceled class is will posted by 7 am, and on every occasion we will give as much notice as possible. If class is cancelled the information will be available through the following resources, look for Training Center at MOCO:

  • Wcsh 6: Online and TV
  • Wmtw 8: Online and TV
  • Motivational Services Email Announcement

If you do NOT see a cancellation by 7 am, class IS being held.

3.)  Please do not call the Training Center Land line to find out if class is cancelled!I will not be at my desk, or at least it is not likely I will be there, as one of the following situations is likely:

  • The TC is closed
  • I am not there yet.
  • The TC is open and I am not at my desk as I am busy setting up the TC for training!

4.)   If we are holding class and you have decided to not be attend; please communicate with both your supervisor and the Training Center.  If a class is cancelled for the day an alternate snow date will be provided.

To register for classes, or for more information contact: Donna Wilson in the training center 
Motivational Services, Inc.
Mailing Address: PO Box 229
Physical Location: 71 Hospital St.
Augusta, Maine 04332-0229
Phone: 207-623-7721
Fax: 207-623-3130
Email: dwilson@mocomaine.com