LINC Wellness & Recovery Center

38 Memorial Drive
Augusta, ME 04330

Our hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 7pm and Saturday 12pm to 5pm.

 LINC Center focuses on personal wholeness, it is a community where individuals experiencing emotional distress (sometimes referred to as mental illness, substance abuse, poverty, and other life challenges) can actively pursue their hopes, goals, dreams according to their values.
People meeting in room with art covered walls
The LINC Community is for anyone to become empowered, make contributions, be creative, and make social connections. Our supports include; daily meals, information access (telephonic, digital, print) including for housing and employment, connection to community resources and healthcare, evidence based 12 step groups (Daily Reflections every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am and Narcotics Anonymous 5:30pm), evidence based wellness groups (Pathways to Recovery), weekly arts (visual art, writing, music) group experiences, information about our local and state’s political process and opportunity for self-advocacy in government, collaboration with Literacy Volunteers, and many more. While LINC offers services at the LINC Center, we also interact in the community via our garden on Glenridge Drive, attending public hearings important to the LINC community, our support of the Warming Center, involvement in art exhibits, etc. While LINC has three paid staff, we also utilize the tremendous skills, knowledge and resource of our community members to accomplish our goals.

We believe we can make meaningful changes in our lives to aid in our journey for living well. We are a grass roots movement where community chooses our Centers path and direction. We invite you to visit and contribute to a community that is building a brighter tomorrow, buy building a community of hope and healing today.

Consumer Council System of Maine
Peer Support Specialist Network of Maine
Non Violent Communication/Open Communication
National Empowerment Center
Hearing Voices Network
Employment resources
Education Resources

The Maine Warm-line toll free number is: 1-866-771-9276 or 1-866-771-WARM
The Intentional Warm Line offers telephone support during challenging times and non-crisis situations. The goal is not to be tied to the Intentional Warm Line, but to be encouraged to build a life that is lived in the community of choice. Callers will receive support, social connection, assistance with referrals to community resources, recovery programs and an opportunity to connect with others during a time of fear, grief or sadness.

LINC Wellness Center
38 Memorial Drive (corner of Gauge St and Memorial Drive)
Augusta, ME 04330
P: 207-622-5736
F: 207-430-4002

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