Clinical and Nursing

Residents will have a comprehensive integrated team of professional supports who help the resident identify and achieve personal goals. Nurses, clinicians and staff work together with the resident to create an Individualized Living Plan (ILP) which include goals and objectives both the team and resident work on together. The ultimate goals are independent living, community integration and ability to meet their own medical needs.

Other members of the integrated professional team include our Employment Specialist, Community Coordinator, Occupational Therapist, Recreation Aide and Community providers. Referrals are made to these providers as needed to further resident goals. These services are detailed in this website.

Clinicians also are responsible for the overall content of ILPs, working in collaboration with the resident and program staff. They also monitor each resident for signs of increased mental health symptoms and intervene as needed. Clinicians work with and train staff on individualized interventions and specific
mental health topics relevant to the program. They also advocate for residents on a systems level to minimize or remove barriers to effective care.

Nurses evaluate and monitor each residents’ medical needs, communicate with medical providers, monitor each resident’s Medication Administration Record, review provider orders and respond to acute medical concerns. Nurses also provide several trainings to staff upon hire including medication administration (CRMA) training, supporting residents with diabetes, respiratory issues and allergies as well as conducting periodic reviews. Other trainings are provided as identified which have included topics related to specific health concerns of a particular resident.

Nurses and clinicians are on call in rotation, so programs have 24/7 access as needed.