RPC Peer Support

MOCO’s Peer Support Services includes oversight of PEER Services Riverview Psychiatric Center (RPC).

The intention of the Riverview Peer Support Program is to build relationships with patients, to support their recovery and forward progression by acknowledging and drawing upon each other’s strengths, skills, and experiences. Establishing authentic mutual relationships ultimately supports patients to take responsibility for their treatment.   

The roles and responsibilities of the Riverview Peers are as follows: 


  • 95% of incoming patients will receive Peer Support Services orientation within 48-hours of being admitted to RPC.
  • 100% rate on the Inpatient Consumer Survey at the time of patient discharge.
  • Peer Support Specialists will attend all Comprehensive Treatment Team Meetings 100% of the time.
  • Peer Support Specialists will attend all Integration Meetings 100% of the time.
  • 100% of patients will have documented contact with a Peer Support Specialist on a weekly basis during their hospitalization at RPC.


RPC Peer Support Team