Close Supervision Program

Motivational Services’ Close Supervision Program

This program is the first of its kind in the state of Maine and is specifically designed for those individuals who are justice involved and need further evaluation and treatment, but do not need the higher level of supervision of a jail or psychiatric facility and are not permitted to be out freely in the community. All admitted residents are amenable to treatment and have been clinically evaluated by state forensic psychiatrists and other professionals and deemed to be of low safely and elopement risk.

With over population in jails and psychiatric institutions, the Close Supervision Program provides a lower level of care with many security features in place to provide a safe and productive environment for those individuals who meet the requirements for admission. Males and Females over the age of 18 who have misdemeanant or lower-level felony charges are our typical clientele.

This is a 10-bed program that is modeled on our traditional PNMI settings, so it provides a more home-like environment for a more comfortable atmosphere that is conducive to the overall well-being of the resident. Each resident has their own furnished bedroom, three of which have on-suite bathrooms. There is a large shared kitchen, dining room, and living room as well as a group treatment room.

A robust daily group schedule provides for the overall enrichment and growth of the residents who reside there. Activities such as yoga, stretching, meditation, and exercise groups, as well as outdoor recreation time keep the body healthy. While other groups offered are to assist with mental health and community preparedness such as Understanding Medication Management, Sensory Connection, Nutrition on a Budget, Cooking and Baking groups, Distress Tolerance, DBT Skills, Anger Management, Substance Use, a resident run AA/NA meeting time, Effective Communication, Writing group, Book Club, and many others. We also offer one on one Competence Restoration curriculum provided by two MoCo staff who have their master’s in forensic psychology and are well versed in the criminal justice system.

We accept those with social security and food stamp benefits to pay for the cost of housing and food, as well as Maine Care. This service includes food and prepared meals, hygiene products, linens and towels, and ordered over the counter medications, as well as a clothing bank. Those without the means to pay for the services may still be accepted if they are an appropriate candidate for admission and may receive grant funding to cover the costs associated with the program.

This is a short-term placement and seen as a steppingstone back into the community. It is staffed 24/7 every day of the year, and includes an on-site clinician, nurse, and occupational therapy services. We also have a psychiatric nurse practitioner and a medical nurse practitioner for psychiatric and medical treatment without having to leave the residence, along with a State of Maine Intensive Case Manager to assist with next steps for discharge after the resident is no longer court ordered to be part of the program for an all-inclusive service.

For more information, or to see if you qualify contact

Close Supervision Team