Community-Based Group Home and Supervised Apartment Residential Living

MOCO currently operates twelve unique residential living programs for adults recovering from severe and persistent mental illness. These facilities are classified under MaineCare section 97 as Private Non-Medical Institutions (PNMI’s). All are licensed by the State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services, and referrals come to MOCO through the DHHS Office of Behavioral Health. Many individuals admitted to MOCO are persons discharging from Riverview Psychiatric Center in Augusta, Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center in Bangor, or another Community based PNMI in Maine.

Our residential living program settings are either a group home type where up to eight adults live in a congregate fashion, or a supervised apartment setting, where the resident has demonstrated an ability to live more independently, yet still requires the support of PNMI services. Both program models are staffed 24/7.

Each program has a leadership team consisting of a Program Manager, Coordinator, Licensed Clinician, Nurse, and Senior Mental Health Support Specialist (MHSS). In addition, Mental Health Support Specialists (MHSS) carry out the day-to-day responsibilities of resident services. All MHSS staff are
required by OBH and DHHS Licensing to obtain the MHRT/1 credential. The MOCO training center provides the courses necessary for staff to obtain that credential at no charge to the employee.

MHSS Staff administer prescribed medications, maintain resident charts, and create progress notes in the resident electronic medical record, while helping each resident achieve his or her goals as outlined in an individualized living plan (ILP). In addition, MHSS assist residents with daily tasks such as room cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry, etc. MHSS staff also transport residents to medical and other appointments and social activities.

MOCO works with each resident through a process that helps that individual determine his or her own needs for successful community living and establish goals to meet the identified needs and become as empowered and independent as possible.