Our Mental Health Care Services include:

1. Assessment and Service Planning

  • Residents receiving services at MOCO are provided with an array of options to help them develop skills and gain resources for a successful life in their community.
  • Residents will have a comprehensive integrated team of professional supports who will help the resident identify personal goals, create an Individualized Living Plans (ILP), connect with supports, prepare for employment and education and more. The plan will be executed in a way that promotes resiliency and recovery and is person centered.
  • The primary team, consisting of a clinician, mental health coordinator and nurse, will be the main connection with the larger integrated team that may also include: Employment Specialist, Community Coordinator, Occupational Therapist, Recreation Aide, and Community Providers.

2. Residential Treatment – Group Homes and Supported Living

  • Person centered services are provided to meet each resident’s goals. Progress towards goals is tracked daily, monitored and adjusted as needed. Our goal is to support residents to the highest level of functioning as possible as well as provide a home like setting. MOCO works to enable hope and belief in the resident’s ability to achieve recovery and wellness. The hope is to empower residents, who otherwise would be enduring the risk of hospitalization, to manage their conditions and demands of daily life. Supports are provided 24/7.

3. Training Center

  • MOCO provides all necessary training for direct care staff to obtain a MHRT-1 certification. The course that make up this certification are: First Aid/CPR, MANDT, Mental Health Support Specialist and Certified Medication Aid.
  • Various in-service trainings are provided in order to support staff in maintaining their credentials and increasing their skills.

Employment Programs

If you or someone you know is interested in obtaining meaningful employment, please visit our employment services page or visit cleansweepmaine.com.

Wellness and Recovery Centers

If you are interested in peer support and social activities, please visit our LINC Wellness & Recovery Center page.