Motivational Services works with area employers,
the Kennebec Valley and Mid-Maine Chambers of Commerce,
to help find and maintain employment for persons with disabilities.


Clean Sweep is a progressive janitorial business serving the Kennebec Valley region.

Through extensive training, close supervision and hands-on experience, individuals receive a good overall view of the janitorial field. Clean Sweep is giving highly motivated individuals the opportunity to become productive members of the community.

Our contracts include janitorial and property management, government buildings, businesses, contractors, and homes.

Clean Sweep has two basic goals:
  1. Provide quality service to area businesses and homes
  2. Provide unsubsidized employment for individuals with disabilities

Shining vinyl hallway floor

We have a high degree of flexibility in which to offer a wide range of skilled services and are willing to take on new challenges for the company as well as the employees.