Waterville Social Club

32 Ticonic Street
Waterville ME
207-873-1029 Member Phone
207-873-1027 Staff Phone

Hours: Monday – Thursday 8am - 5pm and Friday 8am - 8pm. Holidays are 8am -1pm except Thanksgiving or Christmas in which we are closed.

The Waterville Social Club is designed to assist adults who are recovering from mental illness. We do not offer therapy, but rather peer and social support utilizing a psychosocial model.

The Waterville Social Club is a member run club, which means the members have an elected governing body. This elected body assists the staff in the decision making process of the day-to-day operations of the club. Members and staff work together to make the club a supportive environment.

There are many activities in which to participate: art class, governing board, recreational and educational activities, social leisure, cultural events, daily living skills, crafts, volunteerism and field trips.